Wonder Woman, Qatar and Apple Is Back? – Trend Settings Ep 45

wonder woman

This week we’re covering everything from the latest technology at WWDC to the trouble Qatar is having with other nations in the Middle East. Wonder Woman is taking theatres by storm while the crisis in the Philipines continues.


Topic 1 – Wonder Woman Saves DC?

DC released its latest big property, and it’s first female led with Patty Smith’s Wonder Woman. Not only has it restored dignity to the DCEU, but it was the biggest opening weekend for a female directed film ever.

Topic 2 – The Siege In Marawi Continues

The extremist uprising taking place in the southern Philippines has continued to develop, as the siege in Marawi grinds on. We want to talk about what their plans are, how they tie into Islamic State, and what President Duterte plans to do about it.

Topic 3 – Apple At WWDC

Apple had a strong showing at this years worldwide developers conference, revealing new software and new hardware. Yechan takes us through the top five stories, and what we can be looking forward to from our favourite disappointing tech giant.

Topic 4 – Qatar

This week seven nations cut ties with the tiny nation of Qatar. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, The Maldives, The UAE, and Bahrain sited their support of terrorist organisations and continuous destabilising of the region for ceasing all trade and removing Qatar nationals. Is it just a coincidence that this comes just days after President Trumps visit to the Middle East?

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