Trump Jr Emails and Spiderman Homecoming – Trend Settings Ep 50

Time to party! Who knew we’d make it to fifty episodes, we certainly didn’t. This week we look back at our favourite moments and lessons we’ve learned. Also, spoiler free review of Spider-Man homecoming, Donald Trump Jnr’s epic own goal, state of origin sadness and Mayweather vs McGregor.


Topic 1 – Spiderman Spoiler Free Thoughts

After five movies in fifteen years, it’s Tom Hollands turn to put on the blue and red tights and fling some web. Chris gives us the spoiler free rundown. Is it worth it? Should you watch baby driver instead?! Apparently. At least everything in the trailer happens.

Topic 2 – Trump Junior Emails

Donald Trump Jnr tweeted an email chain that basically made it clear he was pretty chuffed that Russia wanted to help his dad win the election. And he brought Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort along for the ride to meet Natalia Veselnitskaya. Is this the beginning of the end? Maybe. Was it a super dumb and confusing thing to do? It sure was!

Topic 3 – State Of Origin 3

NSW fans were left heartbroken once again as the Queensland maroons extended their state of origin dominance. The blues forward pack was comprehensively beaten, and mistakes cost them dearly as the Queensland old guard such as Smith, Cronk and Slater combined with the new blood such as Munster to pull apart the NSW line. We’re basically all just sad.

Topic 4 – Mayweather Vs McGregor

The battle of who do you find less irritating. And how great is a pinstripe suit that’s covered in F U’s.

Topic 5 – Trend Settings 50!

We talk about our favourite moments and what we have learned and Chris laughs uncontrollably at a cow staring at the sunset again.

Thanks for hanging out with us this week, and we hope you’re ready for next weeks episode! The big EPISODE 50! Much love. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube for more awesome stuff!

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