Suicide Squad and Blood Doping – Trend Settings Ep 5

This week is light and heavy. We fight the turmoil that is Suicide Squad. Jono gets deep into blood doping(like the topic he isn’t actually blood doping). I rage on the hype situation these days. Lastly the discussion ends with talks of the refugee situation in Australia.

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Topic 1 – Suicide Squad

So this week most of us saw suicide squad. The internet hates this movie. Chris won’t stop trashing it, Jono and I loved it despite it’s flaws. What did you think? Was there enough Joker, did Jared Leto pull the Joker off? Things get heated.

Topic 2 – Blood Doping & Rio

Jono delves into the controversy around blood doping in this years olympic games. As usual everyone learns a lot from Jono’s topic. Blood doping has a long sordid history in sport. Should we just let it happen?

Topic 3 – No Man’s Sky Hype

Hype is out of control these days. Especially in the medium of video games. As watching a trailer is so different to the actual experience of the game imagination tends to get the better of people. But in the same way publishers don’t exactly want to quell hype so why would they stifle it. No Man’s Sky is a perfect example of this. It was announced in 2013 for goodness sake and only just came out this week. I actually really like the game but it is nothing compared to what it was presented as.

Topic 4 – Nauru Refugee Situation

This is a very recent story that has broken but the refugee crisis isn’t new. I don’t feel smart enough to do a good write up about it but listen in as Jono describes it better than I ever could.

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