Trailer Are Liars – Alien Covenant

alien covenant

Brand new show! Today we premiere ‘Trailer Are Liars’. This week we have Alien Covenant in our crosshairs. Does the movie live up to the trailer? Are there things in the trailer that are not in the movie? Watch to find out.


If you would like to play along or just see the Alien Covenant trailer it is we are referring to click the video below at your convenience. 

Trailers Are Liars – Alien Covenant(2017)

The Premise – In this show we watch the Trailer. Make predictions based solely on the trailer. Watch the movie. See who got the most right.

Ridley Scott’s much anticipated sort of sequel to Prometheus sort of prequel to Alien has a big task ahead of it. There are many loose ends and plot threads left open in Prometheus. Ali, Chris, Jono and Yechan are here to investigate whether or not the trailer is an accurate representation of what the movie is. Watch the episode below.

Episode/Movie Spoilers Below

Wow… did we get anything right? Well some of them were softball easy predictions. It’s a pretty sure bet people are probably going to die in an Alien movie. Michael Fassbender had to come back being one of the few survivors from Prometheus. Also it was pretty clear that a colony was not going to be built. Ali was the ultimate winner this week but that is probably because he was the only one who got the premise of the show. That should change now that we have made an episode.

Anyways what did you think of the new show? Does it work? Is it confusing? Did you enjoy it? Let us know here or on facey or insta

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