Top 10 2016 Extravaganza – Trend Settings Ep 23

top ten

This is the end……..for 2016, Episode 23

This week we go out with a bang of click bait. Four top ten lists to rule them all, are we right, or are we crazy? Only time will tell, or maybe a psychologist.

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List 1: Top ten technologies to look forward to.

What does the future hold? No one knows, but we can guess at some of the awesome things. Here’s a list of future tech that Jono can’t wait for.

List 2: Top ten people of 2016

Chris fires off his top human beings for 2016, with some serious monkey business going on.

List 3: Top ten fads of the last few years

Jullian gives us the run down on his top fads of recent times, here’s some things that we’re all the rage, and we’re glad to see go.

List 4: Top ten things in Rogue One

Here’s Ali’s top ten things about Rogue One, a Star Wars story. Beware, here there be spoilers.

Well that is the last Trend Settings for 2016. We will be back and firing in 2017. In the mean time you will see other stuff com out form our youtube channel over the holidays so stay tuned for all that.