United Airlines Hates Animals and Honey Badger Joins The Bachelor – Trend Settings Ep 79

It’s been a cracking week, we really had to pick only the hottest stories of the bunch. Puppies are dying on United Airlines flights, and we have a new bachelor! Katy Perry is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Doughnut Time is gonski, and Trump hates video games.

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Iphone 7, Wings & Filipino Shade – Trend Settings Ep 9

This week we discover the iPhone 7. Get mad about Brock Turner. Find out Ali is a superhero via KFC. Wonder whether we are bad people for loving Pablo Escobar. Debate women in politics. Figure out why the president of the Philippine’s is calling people sons of whores. Also, is MJ alive!?

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Pokemon Go and Racism – Trend Settings Ep 1

Thanks for putting Pokemon Go down for a second. Welcome to our first ever episode of our first show under the banner Group Settings. This will be our flagship podcast where we discuss what is trending in the current week.

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