Total Recall(1990) – What’s The Kill Count Ep 2

Next on the list is Total Recall(1990). Fresh off Robocop Fame director Paul Verhoeven enlists  Arnold Schwarzenegger(Quade) to portray a man who wants to go to Mars. But already has been maybe?

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Welcome to ‘Whats The Kill Count’. A movie podcast where we get super nerdy about old movies from a particular actor.

Nick and Ali get into it about whether or not the entire movie is a dream. How it is that three boobs is possible. Why a Robot taxi cab would develop sentience over a cab fare. Why glass is so breakable on Mars. Then ulimately, what the kill count is.

We are still figuring out the format for this show. Let us know what you think and if you like it. Also leave us a review on iTunes if you are feeling generous