Disney Buying Fox, Giant Bear Tongues and the Paradise Papers – Trend Settings Ep 67

The all new Trend Settings format is here! Well, we have sections now. Entertainment, Real news, Weird news and Ali rants. This week we talk Disney taking over Fox, the paradise papers, random weird news and why the NBN sucks.

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Sugar Tax, The Mad Pooper and American Vandal – Trend Settings Ep 60

Welcome to the very very first ever episode 60 of trend settings! We’re celebrating this incredible milestone with an absolutely wild guest, and some wild topics. Jess is back with us to talk all about sugar tax! Should it be taxed or nah? We also check out American Vandal on Netflix, the situation in Spain right now, and the story of a rogue pooper in the USA. 

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Samsung’s Exploding Korea – Trend Settings Ep 10

This week we talk Ali’s Aussie adventures, Samsung’s aren’t allowed on planes, and North Korea gettin all bomby, and then Yechan gettin bomby right back. Should we pay Nelly’s taxes? Can we find a legal way to watch Atlanta? The Get Down is great, wait, Grand Master Flash is in it?? That’s awesome! And then plebs plebisciting all over the place.

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