LOTR bought, Star Wars Battlefront 2 Micro-transactions and Lab Grown Meat – Trend Settings Ep 68

Hello dear friends and loved ones! We got a jam packed episode full of Star Wars BattleFront II, Lord of the Rings TV shows and plebiscite results. Special guest Jazzy Julz will cover some weird public transport stories, and Jono finishes it up with lab grown meat.

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Lisa Wilkinson, Mindhunter and Neutron Stars Colliding – Trend Settings Ep 64

Hello one and all, many many thanks for coming on this magical journey that is Trend settings, and what a journey we have for you this week. Lisa Wilkinson is moving TV channels, Melania Trump isn’t even there anymore, Netflix has a new David Fincher series, and neutron stars colliding left right and center. 

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D23, Female Dr Who and Game Of Thrones Is Back – Trend Settings Ep 51

Yo yo yo yo yo. So this is episode 51! The big Five One. So welcome to that. Bit of an entertaining week this week, so we have the latest entertainment news! Game of thrones is back, as is the good Doctor (of Doctor Who), but not as we knew it. Also this week we’ll talk Disney’s huge D23 conference and Greens senator troubles. 

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Trump’s Innaugaration and The Last Jedi – Trend Settings Ep 26

This week we talk all things inauguration week, women marching, trumps executive orders along with the age old debate, Netflix vs Stan and the razzies nominations. And Star Wars, The Last Jedi.

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Top 10 2016 Extravaganza – Trend Settings Ep 23

This is the end……..for 2016, Episode 23

This week we go out with a bang of click bait. Four top ten lists to rule them all, are we right, or are we crazy? Only time will tell, or maybe a psychologist.

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