Shark Humping, Smashed Avo and The French Election – Trend Settings Ep 42

This week we answer the ultimate question, the universe and everything. Well we should have, but instead we talk about Trump leaking to the Russians, Sean the shark humper, Emmanuel Macron beating Marine Le Pen in France. We also talk house prices and the 60 mins jerk Tim Gurner, and Eurovision false flag prank.

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FBI Fired, Alien Covenant and the Federal Budget – Trend Settings Ep 41

Welcome back to the best part of your week! And have we got a cracker for you. It’s a perfect blend of hard hitting topics that matter like Amazon Prime, John Wick Chapter Two and Alien Covenant. Then popcorn entertainment news like Australia’s federal budget and Donald Trump’s firing of his FBI chief.
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Batman And Pewdiepie In Trouble – Trend Settings Ep 29

This week the Batman movie universe is falling apart even more if you can believe it, we have all sorts of shenanigans going down at The Grammys and North Koreans are being assassinated! We’ll also talk closing the gap between Australians and Indigenous Australians, and PewdiePie’s anti-Semitism.

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Super Bowl Trailers & American Perspective – Trend Settings Ep 28

This week, in trend settings, we talk about the Super Bowl, so many ads, Cory Bernardi, the worst politician, the coveted male contraception and Barrack Obama’s fantastic vacation.

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