Super Mario Odyssey, Stranger Things 2 and Kevin Spacey – Trend Settings Ep 66

Welcome dear ones, to the one, the only Trend Settings! Lemme tell y’all about episode 66! We’ll be taking a good look at Super Mario Odyssey, and Stranger Things season 2 before talking about some less fun things like Russian investigations and the latest allegations coming out of Hollywood. 

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Blade Runner, Super Nintendo Mini and Subamarines – Trend Settings Ep 62

This week, in a conference hall far far away, google, in league with snapchat released a whole bunch of cool stuff. Nintendo released the Super Nintendo mini, we’ve got a non spoiler review for Blade Runner and a dark tale from Denmark.

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Jacket Bullying and Chelsea Manning – Trend Settings Ep 25

This week special guest Victor joins the Settings to get the goss on Nintendo’s Switch announcement, about why in the HECK it’s been so hot, and Obama’s final act as POTUS. There was also a news scandal of three white tops to do with bullying, a look into the tech of the future at CES, Casino Mike stepping down, and yet another Australia Day scandal.

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Nintendo Switch and Dreamworld – Trend Settings Ep 16

Tragedy struck the Gold Coast this week, and it was making headlines everywhere. Kanye is still crazy, but more importantly, when is Watch the Throne 2 coming at me? Renewable resources hit a milestone for capacity, and Nintendo dropped a mean trailer for a console that turns you into a 20-30 year old hipster. Bringing up the rear is a list of the world’s most generous countries. Ten bucks you can’t guess.

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