Self Driving Uber Fatality and The Crowns Gender Pay Gap – Trend Settings Ep 80

Cue your air horn sounds it’s a big one, we are 80 Episodes deep now, and to celebrate, we go deep now. This week we talk private school controversies, tear gas in the Kosovo parliament, Self driving Uber car death, Facebook ruining democracy, deep space impact and the crowns gender pay gap. 

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Super Bowl, Spacex’s Falcon Heavy and Self Cloning Crayfish – Trend Settings Ep 74

Welcome back to the second ever Super Bowl Trend Settings! We brought in an expert; Joel ‘the man’ Moore to give us the run down on all things football, ads, half times and trailers. One of those trailers was for the upcoming Han Solo film which we will also discuss along with Elon Musk launching a Tesla into space and Cray fish who won’t stop cloning them selves!

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Top Ten 2017 Extravaganza – Trend Settings Ep 71

It’s here, what you’ve all been waiting for, the final episode for the year, our 2017 list extravaganza. For a little warm up we have the biggest news stories of the year, followed by Chris’s top ten movie recommendations and Top ten Trump moments. Rounding it all out is a look into the year from Netflix. 

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Super Mario Odyssey, Stranger Things 2 and Kevin Spacey – Trend Settings Ep 66

Welcome dear ones, to the one, the only Trend Settings! Lemme tell y’all about episode 66! We’ll be taking a good look at Super Mario Odyssey, and Stranger Things season 2 before talking about some less fun things like Russian investigations and the latest allegations coming out of Hollywood. 

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GLOW, Venezuela and Opal Cyborgs – Trend Settings Ep 48

Trend settings episode 48 is upon us. Verily we have a bevy of fascinating topics for you. Netflix’s new show GLOW has dropped, and there’s been chaos in Venezuela. An Australian man implants a chip into his arm and Google is receiving multibillion dollar fines.

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FBI Fired, Alien Covenant and the Federal Budget – Trend Settings Ep 41

Welcome back to the best part of your week! And have we got a cracker for you. It’s a perfect blend of hard hitting topics that matter like Amazon Prime, John Wick Chapter Two and Alien Covenant. Then popcorn entertainment news like Australia’s federal budget and Donald Trump’s firing of his FBI chief.
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The Defenders, Fyre Festival and Brad Pitt Spills – Trend Settings Ep 40

Welcome back to you and welcome back to me! (Chris) is back from China, the dream team back together again! This week can you believe there’s been another police shooting in the US, and along with that Brad Pitt comes out about their big divorce. In trailer time we’re talking the dark tower and the defenders, as well as the worst festival of all time, Fyre festival.

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Clowns, White Helmets and Jim Carrey – Trend Settings Ep 14

This week we’re tackling the big issues head on. Clowns. Who needs ’em right? ‘The White Hats’ is a stunning documentary on Netflix. Unfortunately Trump is back, and Jim Carrey is in the headlines for unexpected reasons. Along with all this juiciness is ‘This week last week’ a cracking new segment.

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