Kanye Loves Trump, Attacking Geese and Transplanting Penis’s – Trend Settings Ep 85

Trend Setters, you are most welcome back to the land of Pod. This week we’re going to cover Kanye’s latest, penis transplants, monkeys in court cases, goose attacks, and a little movie, you may have heard of it….Avengers: Infinity War.

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Disney Buying Fox, Giant Bear Tongues and the Paradise Papers – Trend Settings Ep 67

The all new Trend Settings format is here! Well, we have sections now. Entertainment, Real news, Weird news and Ali rants. This week we talk Disney taking over Fox, the paradise papers, random weird news and why the NBN sucks.

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Sonic, The Defenders and Google Home – Trend Settings Ep 56

Another week, another table! Welcome to Trend Settings 56, in a fresh new room at a fresh new table. This week we’re not only diving deep into Sonic Mania, but you can watch us play it, oh the technology! Not only that, but Google Home is joining us live at the desk. We’ve also got the latest in superheroes, with a review of the defenders, and what’s new with the DCEU.

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The Defenders, Fyre Festival and Brad Pitt Spills – Trend Settings Ep 40

Welcome back to you and welcome back to me! (Chris) is back from China, the dream team back together again! This week can you believe there’s been another police shooting in the US, and along with that Brad Pitt comes out about their big divorce. In trailer time we’re talking the dark tower and the defenders, as well as the worst festival of all time, Fyre festival.

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Comic Con & Olympic Hysteria – Trend Settings Ep 3

Welcome back to episode 3 of Trend Settings. Comic Con has just finished, Stranger Things is life changing and who would actually go to this years Olympics. Like usual this week the topics are not connected at all but they are in a weird deep way.

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