Virtual Models And The Commonwealth Games – Trend Settings Ep 82

Trend Settings Episode 82 is upon us with the hottest stories of the week! We’ve got the Commonwealth Games, we’ve got fake Instagram models, we’ve got opioid addictions. All that and still time for A rick and Morty April fools stunt and condom snorting! 

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Captain Planet and Hitlers House – Trend Settings Ep 15

This week, on Trend Settings, is Leonardo DiCaprio actually Captain Planet in whiteface? Would you kill baby Hitler’s house? Red dead redemption 2 is only a year away, how cool! Instagram wants you to report depressed people. Trailers came out for Guardians of the Galaxy and Starwars, everyone flip out! The new Harry Potter movies are gonna be a pentology, sounds evil. The Gable Tostee verdict, not guilty

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