Blade Runner, Super Nintendo Mini and Subamarines – Trend Settings Ep 62

This week, in a conference hall far far away, google, in league with snapchat released a whole bunch of cool stuff. Nintendo released the Super Nintendo mini, we’ve got a non spoiler review for Blade Runner and a dark tale from Denmark.

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Sonic, The Defenders and Google Home – Trend Settings Ep 56

Another week, another table! Welcome to Trend Settings 56, in a fresh new room at a fresh new table. This week we’re not only diving deep into Sonic Mania, but you can watch us play it, oh the technology! Not only that, but Google Home is joining us live at the desk. We’ve also got the latest in superheroes, with a review of the defenders, and what’s new with the DCEU.

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GLOW, Venezuela and Opal Cyborgs – Trend Settings Ep 48

Trend settings episode 48 is upon us. Verily we have a bevy of fascinating topics for you. Netflix’s new show GLOW has dropped, and there’s been chaos in Venezuela. An Australian man implants a chip into his arm and Google is receiving multibillion dollar fines.

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Beyonce Pregnant and Trumps Immigration – Trend Settings Ep 27

So We’re back, and dammit If Donald Trump isn’t dominating the news cycle again. There is some good news though, Beyonce is pregnant once again, but this time with twins! We also talk Apple vs Google and whether science has gone too far with pig-human hybrids.

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