Plastic Eating Caterpillars, Mark Ellis & Anzac Controversy – Trend Settings Ep 39

This week in trend settings, guardians of the galaxy 2 dropped, North Korea threatens Australia, one nation’s campaign in Macalister collapses in two days, Anzac Facebook controversy with Yassmin Abdel-Magied, and science finds caterpillars that eat plastic and grow lamb foetuses in bags.

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F8, Get Out and Turkey Referendum – Trend Settings Ep 38

This week we just had too much to talk about, the Fate of the Furious movies crazy money making formula, Facebook wants to read your thoughts, Turkey’s Erdogan on the path to dictatorship. Ali saw an advance screening for Jordan Peele’s Get Out, and the 457 Visa is no more.

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Brangelina Emmy’s and The Bachelorette – Trend Settings Ep 11

This week, Brangelina split, now who’s gonna save us? Emmy’s, not as racist as the Oscars, but still racist? Syria is a horrible mess of human misery, is there hope? Mark Zuckerberg wants to save the world but Ali and Yechan don’t believe him. The Bachelor is rigged!! How could Richie?? Peoples phones in New York are blowing up, with bomb warnings. And should Steve Irwin be on our money? He’s done more than the queen.

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