Sugar Tax, The Mad Pooper and American Vandal – Trend Settings Ep 60

sugar tax

Welcome to the very very first ever episode 60 of trend settings! We’re celebrating this incredible milestone with an absolutely wild guest, and some wild topics. Jess is back with us to talk all about sugar tax! Should it be taxed or nah? We also check out American Vandal on Netflix, the situation in Spain right now, and the story of a rogue pooper in the USA. 


Topic 1 – Should Sugar Be Taxed

Various health organisations in Australia are putting pressure on the Malcolm Turnbull government right now to introduce a tax on sugary drinks. It’s a bid to fight a rapidly rising obesity level in our country, but is a tax the way to go? Or should other initiatives be the priority? 

Topic 2 – The Mad Pooper

Much like the Sasquatch or Loch Ness monster, blurry images have been emerging in Colorado Springs of a mysterious lady who has been going around pooping on people’s lawns and in their backyards.

Topic 3 – American Vandal 

In the recommended or recently added section on your Netflix you might find this new mockumentary style show American Vandal. In the style of Making a murderer or Serial, we track a high school kid accused and apparently guilty of spray painting dicks on cars.

Topic 4 – Catalonia Votes For Independence?

The relatively wealthy province of Catalunya in Spain has proposed a referendum in order to separate themselves from the rest of Spain as they are on different economic levels. Are they getting a rough deal, or will this referendum just get shut down again like in 2014?

Thanks for tuning in dear listeners, let us know what you think we should be discussing and getting into. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube for more awesome stuff!

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