Star Wars, Amazon Attack, and Iphone X – Trend Settings Ep 59

Welcome back to the arena to our guest Julz, this week we’re talking about Star Wars episode 9, the new  Iphones, the terrible massacre in the Amazon and the new movie It.


Topic 1 – Star Wars Changes Directors

J J Abrams takes back the reins from Colin Trevorrow after Disney parted ways citing “creative differences”. We speculate about what really happened, and whether episode IX will be good.

Topic 2 – Apples Done It Again?

Apple stores becoming “gathering places”, the iwatch getting set free from the iPhone, and the new iPhones 8 and X. It’s all kicking off and we mostly discuss whether using your face is a good thing.

Topic 3 – Amazon Tribe Massacre 

An unknown number of native Amazonians may have been massacred by illegal miners in Western Brazil. We discuss fears that one of the few remaining I contacted tribes in the world may have been killed.

Topic 4 – Flying Spaghetti Monster

Jono gives us the run down on the new adaptation of the Stephen king  novel It. It’s like a scarier Stranger Things, with pennywise the clown bringing the jumps, and the kids bringing the heart. You’ll float too, you’ll float too, you’ll float too…..🤡 🎈

Thanks for tuning in dear listeners, let us know what you think we should be discussing and getting into. Was this Julian bloke even any good? LET US KNOW! Make sure you subscribe on YouTube for more awesome stuff!

  • Jono
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