Fergies ‘National Anthem’, Goats Getting Arrested, Fake News Games and Black Sam Bellamy – Trend Settings Ep 76

WHAT?!? Jono and Chris have deserted Ali, but it’s all good the Gals are here to keep the trend world turning! This week Fergie sings the national anthem at the NBA and it’s all sorts of wrong, sharks are falling from the sky in the UK, Ev’s playing fake news games and people are finding pirate bones in the ocean. It’s all happening on this womens edition of Trend Settings!

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Samsung’s Exploding Korea – Trend Settings Ep 10

This week we talk Ali’s Aussie adventures, Samsung’s aren’t allowed on planes, and North Korea gettin all bomby, and then Yechan gettin bomby right back. Should we pay Nelly’s taxes? Can we find a legal way to watch Atlanta? The Get Down is great, wait, Grand Master Flash is in it?? That’s awesome! And then plebs plebisciting all over the place.

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