Black Panther, Strava Heat Maps and Showering Rats – Trend Settings Ep 73

This week in real talk we have leaked cabinet documents in a cabinet, in entertainment it’s black panther and the passion of the Christ 2, on the weird side rats showering, peacocks on planes and pretend sex dolls. Also in tech news Elon Musk is selling flame throwers now and the Strava heat map giving showing everyone’s secrets.

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Super Mario Odyssey, Stranger Things 2 and Kevin Spacey – Trend Settings Ep 66

Welcome dear ones, to the one, the only Trend Settings! Lemme tell y’all about episode 66! We’ll be taking a good look at Super Mario Odyssey, and Stranger Things season 2 before talking about some less fun things like Russian investigations and the latest allegations coming out of Hollywood. 

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Blade Runner, Super Nintendo Mini and Subamarines – Trend Settings Ep 62

This week, in a conference hall far far away, google, in league with snapchat released a whole bunch of cool stuff. Nintendo released the Super Nintendo mini, we’ve got a non spoiler review for Blade Runner and a dark tale from Denmark.

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Best Of Trend Settings Podcast Ep’s 30-35

Here we go! This was a great series of podcasts. Some big topics like the Oscars Mixup, International Women’s Day and an Autistic Muppets. Then some more ridiculous topics like flat Earth theory, Iron Fist, Bieber and pineapple pizza. We had a lot of brilliant guests this round in the form of Nick Khoo, Evielyn Chapman and Anooshka Niles. Watch and enjoy!

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International Woman’s Day with 4 Dudes – Trend Settings Ep 32

What a week for women! We’ve had International Women’s Day, street lights that assume your gender, and Emma Watson dropping the all for feminists everywhere?? To celebrate we’ve got four dudes on, including the most special of guests, the infamous Mr. Nick Khoo. We also talk the latest out of Wikileaks, Trump tweets and Beauty and the Beast.

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