Samsung’s Exploding Korea – Trend Settings Ep 10


This week we talk Ali’s Aussie adventures, Samsung’s aren’t allowed on planes, and North Korea gettin all bomby, and then Yechan gettin bomby right back. Should we pay Nelly’s taxes? Can we find a legal way to watch Atlanta? The Get Down is great, wait, Grand Master Flash is in it?? That’s awesome! And then plebs plebisciting all over the place.

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Topic 1 Samsung’s exploding? Not on my plane!

Ali’s been travelling, and he’s been learning, it’s beautiful. In the meantime Samsung Galaxy Note 7s have been exploding. So airplane captains have been kicking people off their planes for having one. Good thing Ali has an iPhone.

Topic 2 How Kim Jong Un learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

North Korea has nukes, big ones, and now they got the submarine launched ballistic missiles to launch one, are we all gonna die? Not if Yechan can help it, he’s gonna bomb North Korea before they get the chance. That’ll learn em.

Topic 3 It’s gettin hot in here, in Nelly’s tax return that is.

Nelly been a bad boy, not paying his taxes and all, and apparently the Internet is trying to save him. Good for the Internet.

Topic 4 Atlanta

Donald Glover is not Danny Glover, Danny Glover did Lethal weapon. Donald Glover is Troy, and also is making a great tv show called Atlanta. Apparently it has the race card, but isn’t playing it. Good guy¬†Atlanta. So check it out, oh wait, you can’t……….legally.

Topic 5 Grand Master Baz does it again! The Get Down.

The Get Down has Jayden Smith in it, which is bad, also Yechan really hates his eyebrows. Baz Luhrman is directing, that could be bad but apparently it isn’t. Grand Master Flash is in it, which is bloody amazing and Jono really wants to watch it now. First ep is slow though, just like Lord of the Rings so it must be incredible.

Topic 6 The fantastic tale of the lazy politicians, and the Plebiscite.

The government wants to know what we think before they do something, that doesn’t sound too bad till you find out its gonna cost 120 Milli Vanillis. Why don’t they just do their jobs?