The Great Pineapple Pizza Debate – Trend Settings Ep 30


NASA finds 7 earths around one star, Uber struggles, Iceland’s presidents pineapple vendetta, most feared countries and Matt Damon’s Great Wall.

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Topic 1: NASA’s Holy Grail

NASA found 7 earth like exoplanets around a super dwarf star, Trappist 1, just 40 light years away. What are the odds of that you ask? Maybe really high. There may be 40 billion planets in our galaxy.

Topic 2: Uber’s no good, terrible month

Uber has had a bad month, from the #deleteuber campaign after CEO Travis Kalanick was seen to be pro trumps immigration ban. Then a man sued uber for causing his divorce. And now Susan J Fowler, former uber employee has caught the internets attention with her blog detailing sexual harassment and a corporate culture of ignoring it at Uber.

Topic 3: Icelands President hates pineapple pizza

Icelands President, Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson, said he would ban pineapple on pizza, and the internet has had its say.

Topic 4: Country most feared

What’s the country that you’d be most scared of, China? North Korea? Iran? Chances are, if you live on earth, it’s the good ol USA.

Topic 5: The Great Wall – Matt Damon

Is Hollywood taking over China? Or is China taking over Hollywood, probs a bit of both. Ali gives you the run down on this movie, and the spoilers.

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