Pepsi Ad Gone Wrong and Szechuan Sauce – Trend Settings Ep 36

pepsi ad

This week we look at the Pepsi ad controversy and new Syrian war crimes. For lighter news we take on Rick and Morty, Netflix’ 13 Reasons Why and the best April Fools jokes on the internet.


Topic 1 – Moronic Pepsi Ad

Pepsi’s newly released and unreleased ad has been widely attacked for how insulting it is to all protest movements, and how it thinks Pepsi and Kendall Jenner can solve everything. Everything can be solved with a crisp cold Pepsi in hand.

Topic 2 – Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

We take a look at the latest war crime committed in Syria, latest in a long line, and try to explain a bit of how we ended up here, from Obama’s red line and Putins intervention to the latest attack on civilians by Assad. Will the Trump administration make it better or worse?

Topic 3 – Rick & Morty’s Szechuan Sauce

The new Rick and Morty episode is all about Szechuan Mulan sauce from McDonalds. A picture of the famed sauce is currently going on Ebay for $50,000. How does Dan Harmon do it? It’s like he has internet in his veins.

Topic 4 – 13 Reasons To Watch ’13 Reasons Why’

Ali watched Netflix’ new show 13 Reasons Why and gives us 13 reasons why we should watch it, well we think he did, we mighta lost count. Beware this show holds mature content.

Topic 5 – Aprils Best April Fools

The best April Fools jokes from googles Mrs Pac Man to Netflix’ live stream, Flykea and the Amazon Echo.

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