Oscars Disaster and Logan OMG – Trend Settings Ep 31


Oscars mayhem, the winners, the losers, the winners then losers, the creeps…we have em all. Also, Logan non spoiler review, Boston Dynamics Handle robot and Horizon video game.

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Topic 1: The Oscars

White Helmets won best short doco, pretty much the best thing that happened, also Moonlight won, a win for diversity that wasn’t forced, the big mix up with la la land, who’s to blame and what’s the craziest theory out there. And the In Memoriam reel had the wrong picture for Janet Patterson. Also Casey Affleck, is he really a creep? Should he have won?

Topic 2: Logan Movie

Chris and Ali review Logan with no spoilers, the low down on Hugh Jackmans last outing as wolverine.

Topic 3: Boston Dynamics Handle

Boston Dynamics make amazing robots that scare the hell out of us. And they keep bullying them, how long till those robots rise up and revolt??

Topic 4: Horizon Zero Dawn

Ali reviews Horizon Zero Dawn, the new open world game on PS4. Robot dinosaurs your can ride. Need I say more?

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