Nintendo Switch and Dreamworld – Trend Settings Ep 16


Tragedy struck the Gold Coast this week, and it was making headlines everywhere. Kanye is still crazy, but more importantly, when is Watch the Throne 2 coming at me? Renewable resources hit a milestone for capacity, and Nintendo dropped a mean trailer for a console that turns you into a 20-30 year old hipster. Bringing up the rear is a list of the world’s most generous countries. Ten bucks you can’t guess.

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Topic 1 – DreamWorld Tragedy

This week at DreamWorld on the Gold Coast four people tragically passed away on the Thundering Rapids ride. What we don’t know is if anyone or any group in particular is to blame or whether DreamWorld can recover from this. Our condolences go out to the families and loved ones of the poor people effected in this incident.Topic 2 – Jay – Z vs Kanye West?

Topic 2 – Jay Z Vs Kanye

WARNING. Incoming re-enactment. Anyone miss the old Kanye? Apparently you’re not alone. Kanye’s upset about something, he yelled about it at a concert. Meek Mills is involved, Drakes in there. He got left off his album, Tidal sucks. Who knows what’s going on inside that beautiful head.

Topic 3 – Renewable Resources

The world is falling apart, and us humans aren’t helping. Or are we? Maybe there’s a ray of sunshine out there after all. It’s a classic showdown; Coal vs solar panels and big fans. Maybe we’re doing better than we think. Keep trying humanity! You can do it!

Topic 4 – Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced their latest console, and it’s a doozy. It’s got us all excited. We’re on board, but what about battery life? Processing power? Can it compete? Does anyone care? What matters most is you can pick up chicks in the airport.

Topic 5 – Generosity

If you ranked your friends from most generous to most stingy where do you think you’d land? This is like that, but not. Burma has topped the list of the most generous country in the world. No spoilers who comes in second, but this is actually interesting. Why are rich people so stingy?