Mario Rabbids, Sinkholes and Same Sex Marriage Fake News – Trend Settings Ep 57


This week we play Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, look deeper at sinkholes than ever before, examine the negative messaging around the same sex marriage debate and Ed Skrein fights Hollywood whitewashing.


Topic 1 – Mario Rabbids Play Review

Rabbids is a fun strategy style turn based game on the Nintendo Switch. We have a play and it’s pretty good with a super complicated back story.

Topic 2 – Sinkholes Everywhere!

Have you ever wanted to know everything about sinkholes? Of course you have, you’re only human.

Topic 3 – Same Sex Marriage Fake News

We look at the terrible homophobic posters that appeared in Melbourne, or did they? Channel ten was caught photoshopping a bus stand with the poster for a news story. Fake news! We look a few good and bad arguments on both sides.

Topic 4 – Ed Skrein Vs Whitewashing

So Ed Skrein was cast in the upcoming Hellboy movie, however the character he was to play was of Asian origin. When he found out he quit the film, so good on him. Ali hits us with a list of his ten biggest whitewashing moments in cinema history. It is not a conventional list.

Let us know what you think about everything. Much love to you out there! Make sure you subscribe on YouTube for more awesome stuff!

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