Kindergarten Cop(1990) – What’s The Kill Count Ep 3

Kindergarten Cop
  • Next up is Kindergarten Cop(1990). Not the first of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s forays into drama but easily one of his best. Fresh off of Twins and Ghostbusters two Ivan Reitman Directs this surprisingly deep and moving movie.

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Welcome to ‘Whats The Kill Count?’. A movie podcast where we get super nerdy about old movies from a particular actor.

Nick and Ali get into it about whether or not this is an action movie. How the movie is really just about divorce coated in a nice romantic comedy. Why thats pretty innovative for a 1990 movie. The fact that Arnie does a great job in this role. Then get deep about how well the movie actually brings up a lot of good conversations but leaves you with a surprisingly realistic conclusion to broken families.

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