Kanye Movie and Swimming Cows – Trend Settings Ep 19


Slow news week. More like SUPER RAPID AWESOME WEEK. If you can keep up with this week’s episode Ft. Mariah, our very special guest host, then you most likely deserve an honorary Oscar. Or should Will  Ferrell for portraying Kanye !?!

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Topic 1 – Kanye Movie

I know what you’re all thinking, and so does Kanye West; Why on earth haven’t we made a movie about Kanye’s life featuring Will Ferrell as the man himself?

Topic 2 – Ghost in The Shell

The first trailer dropped this week for this remake of the classic manga/anime. Is it racist? Or more importantly is it good?

Topic 3 – Tway Tway’s hip hop album

The twitterverse was alight with rumours of a sordid affair between Taylor Swift and Drake. Word on the street is Taylors working on her first hip-hop album

Topic 4 – Cow fugitives

Can cows swim? Why do they appreciate the sunset? It was cow escape chaos over in WA this week

Topic 5 – Jackie Chan

The man, the myth, the legend Jackie Chan has finally been rewarded for his hard work and genius with an Oscar

Topic 6 – Star Wars Affairs

Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) released her book with details of a steamy affair between her and Harrison Ford (Han Solo). Childhood ruined?

Topic 7 – Bullying on The Project

Steve Price was interrupted on a news program and told to watch his tone. Bullying from the leftist scum? Or Just how life goes?

Topic 8 – Joe Biden

Has anyone ever made you a friendship bracelet? Joe Biden seems like the coolest guy ever. Biden + Obama 4 lyf <3

Topic 9 – Nintendo Classic Mini

The NES Classic Mini was released. But why does Nintendo hate its fans so much? Make more consoles! Make longer cables!

Topic 10 – Con Connor McGregor

The obscenely arrogant fellow won a historic fight and wants more money.

If you made it this far thanks for watching/listening and let us know what You think we should talk about next week! Much love.

  • Chris