Awaken My Love With A Kangaroo Punch – Trend Settings EP 22


Would you punch a kangaroo? Episode 22 sees us dive into some juicy meaty subjects.Gambino’s new album dropped, people were getting out of Ghana on fake Visas, there was a significant win for NODAPL, Kangaroos got punched, the person of the year was announced and the entire world was called out in regards to unreported horrors.

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Topic 1 – Childish Gambino

The genius that is Donald Glover has released his 3rd album Titled ‘Awaken My Love’. It’s a ridonkulous funk/soul odyssey, but is the sharp change of sound too much for many established Gambino fans? We get down and funky and basically talk about how genius the man is.


Topic 2 – Fake Ghanaian embassy

The republic of Ghana was in the news this week as they recently shut down a fake US Embassy. They had been charging people $6000, and issuing visas for the USA, Philippines and other countries. How did they get away with it?! And where are these people with dodgy visas now?


Topic 3 – A win for #NODAPL

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. The United States Army Corps of Engineers, whoever they are, have put a hold on the pipeline! For now. Trump still supports oil (boo) But it’s finally a win for the little guy (yay).


Topic 4 – Punch a Kangaroo

An Australian zookeeper was making headlines around the world this week following a video of him punching a kangaroo in the head. The kangaroo had his pooch in a headlock, but tune in for the real scoop. We get inside that filthy roo’s mind to uncover the truth


Topic 5 – Time Person of the Year

Not Elon Musk, not Harambe, but Trump. What on earth does it mean to be person of the year, and do Trump and Hitler have a chair in common as well as political views?!


Topic 6 – Crisis in Yemen

This week a UN official was calling out the entire planet for ignoring a very real and very horrific crisis going on in the Arab nation of Yemen. There is legitimate war, famine and poverty happening, but all anybody can talk about is Donald Trump’s latest tweet. What is going on and what can we do?


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