Jacket Bullying and Chelsea Manning – Trend Settings Ep 25

This week special guest Victor joins the Settings to get the goss on Nintendo’s Switch announcement, about why in the HECK it’s been so hot, and Obama’s final act as POTUS. There was also a news scandal of three white tops to do with bullying, a look into the tech of the future at CES, Casino Mike stepping down, and yet another Australia Day scandal.

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Topic 1 – Nintendo Switch
This week Nintendo had the official Switch presentation, releasing more details, specs, and game lineups. Let’s talk highs and lows, disappointment and hype. Is it worth getting in on that for the release?
Topic 2 – Heatwave
The mercury is gone through the roof. It’s been bloody hot as you’ve probably realised, but has it really been that hot or is it like this every year and we just forget? How do you stay cool at midnight when it’s 36 degrees?
Topic 3 – Chelsea Manning
As Trump’s inauguration looms ever closer, Obama’s acts become more and more final. This week he commuted the sentence of US whistleblower Chelsea Manning, meaning she could be out in May this year! Great news for whistle enthusiasts everywhere.
Topic 4 – News Jacket Bullying Scandal
A video came out of an off air scuffle between news presenters who were all wearing white tops in a segment. Words were exchanged, but does it REALLY classify as bullying? How far would you go to look good in your fave white top?
Topic 5 – Best of CES
CES expo gives us a glimpse into what we can look forward to in terms of technology in coming years. From paper thin TVs to super powered VR, what’s ahead in the world of gadgets?
Topic 6 – Mike Baird Resigns
Casino Mike, NSW premier has stepped down from politics. His party needs a ‘refresh’ and his family requires his full attention in this trying time. Is there more to the story, and what can you believe when politicians are talking?
Topic 7 – Muslim Billboard
A billboard advertising an Australia Day event had to be taken down when the company involved received numerous complaints and threats about it. The reason? It featured two muslim girls with the Australian flag.
Hope you enjoy the episode, If Victor is a success, let us know and we will stop punishing him and have him back for another episode! Make sure you subscribe to Group Settings on YouTube!
Much love.
– Chris