Iphone 7, Wings & Filipino Shade – Trend Settings Ep 9

iphone 7 kfc dutarte

This week we discover the iPhone 7. Get mad about Brock Turner. Find out Ali is a superhero via KFC. Wonder whether we are bad people for loving Pablo Escobar. Debate women in politics. Figure out why the president of the Philippine’s is calling people sons of whores. Also, is MJ alive!?

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Topic 1 – iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 Announcements

So at yesterdays keynote event the iPhone 7 was revealed. It’s almost waterproof and got two speakers and two cameras. Hoooooraay. They also have new headphones that don’t let you charge and listen to your phone at the same time, you know unless you buy the special headphones that don’t come with the $1000 phone. The actual interesting thing in this conference is that Nintendo. Miyamoto was there and everything.Looks like Nintendo is finally going phone.

Topic 2 – Brock Turner

The more you find out about this topic the angrier you will get. It’s not like the guy isn’t going to be ostracised for the rest of his life which will be punishment enough. But if this is any kind of precedent I am worried for the American legal system.

Topic 3 – Cola BBQ Wings at KFC

Look I’m not Superman. But I am a peacekeeper when it comes to the carpark of the KFC at Baulkham Hills. You really just need to listen to the story to get the full weight of the situation. The wings are alright.

Topic 4 – Narcos Season 2

Pablo Escobar, pretty terrible guy right. Then why can I not stop watching this show? The second season is super stretched out and milking the story hard. What you can’t deny is that Wagner Moura is one of the best actors on the planet.

Topic 5 – John Howard and Pregnant Women

We go pretty deep down the rabbit hole with this one. John Howard doesn’t think there will ever be a 50% total of women in political positions. Specifically because of things like pregnancy. Let the arguments ensue.

Topic 6 – President Duterte

So President Duterte called Obama a son of a whore this week. Which is pretty gangsta I guess until you find out he seems to be calling everyone a son of a whore. You could be next look out!

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