International Woman’s Day with 4 Dudes – Trend Settings Ep 32

international woman's day

What a week for women! We’ve had International Women’s Day, street lights that assume your gender, and Emma Watson dropping the all for feminists everywhere?? To celebrate we’ve got four dudes on, including the most special of guests, the infamous Mr. Nick Khoo. We also talk the latest out of Wikileaks, Trump tweets and Beauty and the Beast.

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Topic 1: Beauty and The Beast

Disney is carrying on with its slate of live action remakes of its classic properties, and next up is Beauty and the Beast! But Russia and some folks in Alabama aren’t happy about an apparently gay character, but does it really matter? While we’re here. The “beauty” from the title Emma Watson had some racy photos come out this week, and was under fire from feminists everywhere.

Topic 2: International Woman’s Day

This week we had International Woman’s Day. We’ve all got amazing women in our lives, and this week we had a whole day to appreciate and love on them! Let’s talk feminism and equality! Women struggle with equal opportunity, and the wage gap is real!

Topic 3: Vault 7

The CIA is in hot water because they read your texts and emails, listen to your phone calls, watch you through your TV, and read your family’s Whatsapp. But we already knew this right? What we didn’t know was that they lost control of the programs and thanks to Wikileaks we now know it’s out there for anyone to access! Yay!

Topic 4: Female Traffic Lights
You know when you’re crossing the road and the little red and green people flash at you? THIS IS NOT OKAY! So in Melbourne, they’re changing a bunch of them to people wearing dresses/skirts with long hair. Because women don’t wear pants.

Topic 5: Obama Tapping Trump

Trump’s latest tweet spree is targeting Obama, claiming that he bugged his phone during last year’s election. There is thus far zero proof, but what does that matter! “Obama is a (SICK) guy.”

Thanks for hanging with us and our special guest Mr. Nick Khoo! We love you lots, and let us know what you’re thinking! See you next week!

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