Homeless Heroes, Attack In The Phillipines and Game Of Thrones – Trend Settings Ep 43

homeless heroes

This week we look at the small good stories that came out of the horror of the Manchester attack starting with the homeless heroes. We also look at the attack on a city in the Philippines, and what’s lead to it. In lighter news we look at rebel Wilson in court, the new game of thrones trailer and Yassmin Magied loses her show.


Topic 1 – Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer

We speculate wildly about season 7, and what’ll happen to Daenerys, Jon Snow and …….. all those other people we all remember …… ooh Cersei!

Topic 2 – Homeless Heroes

Amidst the awful stories of loss from the Manchester terror attack, we look a small good story to come out of it all. Two homeless men have been hailed as heroes for their selfless actions in the aftermath of the attack on an Ariana Grande concert. Stephen Jones and Chris Parker were caught in the edge of the explosion, but still went and helped people who had been injured in the blast.

Topic 3 – Rebel Wilson Court Case

Rebel Wilson is suing Bauer Media, publishers of Woman’s Day for defamation after 8 articles accusing her of lying about her age. She alleges that after a successful run of movies such as pitch perfect and bridesmaids, apparently, her offers for work dried up.

Topic 4 – Phillippines Terrorism

The city of Marawi on Mindanao island has been attacked by terrorists from the Maute group after a security operation to capture Isnilon Hapilon, head of the Abu Sayyaf Group which pledged allegiance to IS. At least 100 militants took over the city killing people and capturing hostages. In response president Duterte has declared martial law while the Philippine military attempts to retake the city.

Topic 5 – Yassmin Magied fired?

Yasmin Abdel Magied’s Australia Wide show has been cancelled on the ABC. We speculate as to whether it’s because of her Anzac Day Facebook post.

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