Harry Potter and Jason Bourne – Trend Settings Ep 4

Welcome back to episode 4 of Trend Settings. This week is great, we have new microphones. Only one of them works but who’s counting right? This week we talk about Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, Jason Bourne, reviews of things and the Pokemon Go Update.

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Part 1 – New Harry Potter  and Jason Bourne Reviews

Look, there is a new Harry Potter ‘book‘. I cried at one point, I got really frustrated at others. But at least it made me feel something. It’s no masterpiece but who is amirite? After my eloquent struggle with communication about a book Chris chats about Jason Bourne. Like with most things Chris hates it ;-). Find out why as he tells us the amazing tale of the Friday Night No Dinner Movie Catastrophe.

Part 2 – What are Reviews and whats with the new Pokemon Go update?

Jono questions life itself and if it is really worth reviewing anything. What is a review? Are ratings a sham? Does Chris like anything? Am I putting too many questions in a paragraph again? Finally we move on to this weeks Pokemon Go update. Are Niantic Nazi’s? ‘It’s their game but I want to cheat in it’ – Yechan Kim


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