Sonic, The Defenders and Google Home – Trend Settings Ep 56

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Another week, another table! Welcome to Trend Settings 56, in a fresh new room at a fresh new table. This week we’re not only diving deep into Sonic Mania, but you can watch us play it, oh the technology! Not only that, but Google Home is joining us live at the desk. We’ve also got the latest in superheroes, with a review of the defenders, and what’s new with the DCEU.


Topic 1 – Sonic Mania Play Review

Sonic is back baby! SEGA fans rejoice, because Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are all back for as much speedy action as you can take. We’ll tell you our thoughts on the game, of course, as well as what we reckon about Sonic in general. 

Topic 2 – A Joker Standalone Movie

DC has been making some interesting moves this week, talking about releasing not one, but two new movies based on the Joker. However only one would be a part of the DCEU, the other taking place in another universe with different actors. So will Ben Afflecks Batman be part of the DCEU or not!? 

Topic 3 – Google Home Hands On

Yechan got his hands on some super fresh Google Home tech, and was nice enough to bring it in for us. We’ll ask her the hard hitting questions and figure out whether you need one of these in your home or not. 

Topic 4 – Ali Defends The Defenders

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all teaming up together, what could possibly go wrong? The latest Marvel Netflix joint came out this week, but Iron Fist has left a bad taste in our mouths, can the defenders wash it out?

Let us know what you thought about our new setup! Should we do more stuff like this? Much love to you out there! Make sure you subscribe on YouTube for more awesome stuff!

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