Golden Globes/Showers – Trend Settings Ep 24


Aaaaaand we’re back! Trend Settings in 2017 is bigger and better than ever before and we’re kicking off with a jam-packed episode! We might only fit in a few topics but they’re juicy fresh. The Golden Globes were as eventful as always, packed with controversial moments and speeches, and speaking of, Donald Trump is still a thing. Over the break we watched a whole lot of movies & TV so catch up, and this week on the news a politician showed how stupid he was.

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Topic 1 – The Golden Globes

The stunted little brother of the Oscar’s? The awkward older sister of the Emmy’s?

Tom Hiddleston is more than Thor’s little brother, he’s a damn fine actor, but this week he showed us he’s not too crash hot in the speech department, what is he on about?

Atlanta won big, Moonlight won big, are the tables turning for non-white performers and creators?

Meryl Streep gave a speech targeted at old mate Trumpy himself, namely his ideas about diversity and his ‘performance’ impersonating a disabled reporter. Was this the right platform? Delivery? And what does she have against MMA?

And of course we couldn’t go one night without Ryan Gosling charming our pants off, so thanks a lot. Clean up on aisle 2.

Topic 2 – Trump

Donald Trump is a lot of things, but a golden shower receiving whore-mongerer? This week we delve into the idea of fake news and how the way a story is reported on matters. Is “Russia hacks the election” different to “Russia posted emails to Wikileaks”?

Topic 5 – Assassins Creed, Passengers and LALA Land

We all had very exciting and illuminating holidays (read: went to the movies and watched Netflix). Can Assassin’s Creed break the curse of the video game movie? How can we define Passengers, Rom-sci-psycho-thriller? Does La La Land deserve to win an Oscar, and of course the big question; what should you be watching on Netflix?

 Topic 4 – Childcare in the news

This week on the news, senator David Idiothead claims all childcare educators do is “wipe noses and make sure kids don’t kill each other”. Is he really as ignorant and backward thinking as he’s being made out to be? Yes.

Thanks for watching and happy new year

  • Chris