Gold Medals, Beliebeef and Greyhounds – Trend Settings Ep 6

gold medals bieber greyhound selena

What are gold medals worth? Welcome back. As usual the topics take us to every corner but it is all indeed connected. We start off in olympic territory, make a stop in the town of Bieber Selena insta beef, consider why we still use apple then figure out the deal with Greyhound races.

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Topic 1 – The Price Of Gold Medals

Jono is up for topic one. Not often talked about is how much gold medals can actually cost a country. But is that what the olympics are really about? Also it’s pretty crazy what some countries offer for winning a gold medal. Would you become a world champion weight lifter if it got you out of being in the army? Same.

Topic 2 – Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Insta Beef

Topic two is me trying my hardest to make an interesting story out of the Justin Bieber Selena Gomez beef. They had an argument on social media, too many people cared about it. Bieber was totally in the right in my opinion. I honestly don’t see Selena’s side in this at all besides publicity.

Topic 3 – Has Apple Lost It?

Topic three is Yechan talking about Apple. Did Jobs passing mean the downfall of the company. It’s hard to argue against it seeing as other companies seem to be catching up and even taking over Apple. Before it was a phone was and iPhone now it’s ‘Is it a Samsung, android or iPhone?’.

Topic 4 – Greyhounds Racing Shut Down

The sport of greyhound racing has been completely banned in Australia. Chris gives us the stats and whether or not the blanket ban is the solution or just an easy fix that will cause plenty of greyhound deaths.

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