GLOW, Venezuela and Opal Cyborgs – Trend Settings Ep 48


Trend settings episode 48 is upon us. Verily we have a bevy of fascinating topics for you. Netflix’s new show GLOW has dropped, and there’s been chaos in Venezuela. An Australian man implants a chip into his arm and Google is receiving multibillion dollar fines.


Topic 1 – GLOW, The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

Netflix has a multitude of new content coming up, movies and shows, but the latest to drop is Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling or GLOW, about a troupe of female wrestlers. Alison Brie leads a great, female driven cast, and Ali loves it even though, as we know he hates women.

Topic 2 – Venezuela Helicopter Attack

Venezuela isn’t the most stable of countries in the world, but a helicopter pilot/activist dropping grenades from a helicopter onto the Supreme Court can’t help can it? President Nicolas Madura is shaping to change the constitution to fit his needs, and is far from keen to give up any power, but was this a stunt or a real protest? 

Topic 3 – Meow’s Opal Card Implant

Meow-Luca Disco Gamma Meow Meow is a budding Australian politician running in the Science party. He made headlines around the world this week for implanting his opal card for public transport under the skin on his left hand. At least he’ll never get stuck if he gets mugged. 

Topic 4 – Google Getting Fined

The European Union has handed down a 2.7 billion dollar fine for manipulating shopping results in its search algorithm. The claim is that is stifling innovation and competition in the marketplace, and promoting monopoly. Do they deserve the hit? Or are they just doing their job as a search engine?

Let us know what you think, especially if you’re Venezuelan, work for Google, have chips in your body, or are a Netflix fanatic! Much love. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube for more awesome stuff!

  • Chris
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