Ghostbusters Terrorism and Red Hair – Trend Settings Ep 2

Welcome back to Episode 2. This one goes all over the place from Ghostbusters to terrorism but all the topics end up having a weird connection or two.

Part 1 – Ghostbusters and talk of women in movies.

What did we think of it? Is it sexist to hate this movie? Is the best character in it the male character? Is Chris sexist? Probably. Is Ali secretly a Ghostbuster just trying to get by, most likely.

Part 2 – Nice attacks, fear mongering, red hair discussion and Australia.

Bit of a 180 for our political section this week. We talk about fear and terrorism. Whats the solution? Is it Pauline Hansen or Waleed Aly? Is Ranga a slur? This topic came up organically. Definitely wasn’t planned. Chris and Yechan don’t think the term Ranga is offensive. Jono and Ali definitely do. What do you think?

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