Tesla 3, Genetic Editing and Bitcoin – Trend Settings Ep 53

genetic editing

Slow news week, but we dive into the internet to find some interesting stories for you. This week we look at Teslas new model 3 starting production, gene editing curing genetic diseases, the funniest words according to the internet and bitcoin splits in two.


Topic 1 – Tesla Model 3

The first 40 production Tesla Model 3’s rolled off the line to customers, and with 400000 Pre ordered to go the new gigafactory will need to get cranking. Is this another case of Elon Musk promising big and not delivering on time? We’ll probably but who cares right?

Topic 2 – CRISPR Gene editing

The first of two topics which we really don’t understand, scientists published research showing unprecedented accuracy in editing out disease causing genes from embryos. Of 58 embryos where the sperm had the defective gene causing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Shoukhrat Mitalipov and team got 42 viable embryos without the faulty gene. Is this the beginning of an era of designer babies and ethical conundrums?

Topic 3 – Top Ten Funniest Words

Researchers at the University of Warwick asked a group of people to rate words on how funny they are, and the results are just not what anybody would expect, so we look at funnier words, and the least funny as well.

Topic 3 – Bitcoin and Bitcash

Bitcoin has split. Chris looks at what a cryptocurrency is, and goes down a rabbit hole of hashes, hackers and block chains. We really don’t understand bitcoin…

Thanks for hanging out with us this week, and we hope you’re ready for next weeks episode!  Much love. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube for more awesome stuff!

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