Flat Earth, Iron Fist and Autistic Muppets – Trend Settings Ep 34

flat earth

We got muppets, we got Iron Fists, we got Dave Chapelles! Want some more? How about a racial discrimination act or the FACT that the earth is actually flat?!


Topic 1 – Sesame Street’s New Autistic Muppet

Sesame Street has been a staple of kids around the world for generations, and they’ve been famous for teaching lessons well beyond the ABCs and 123s. This week the news was that Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Jim Henson’s other creations have their first new on-screen character in over a decade, Julia. Parents around the world rejoice because Julia the puppet has autism, and is going to teach children to interact with other children, and give autistic children someone to relate to. 

Topic 2 – Dave Chapelle’s Back!

Early in the 2000’s Dave Chapelle was killing the game with strings of stand-up performances, and his own TV show to boot. But then he disappeared off the map and we heard nothing from him until just recently. Surprise appearances on SNL and Jimmy Kimmell signal the return of one of the world’s favourite comedians.

Topic 3 – Flat Earth Theory

Believe it or not, there is a large group of people around the world who believe that the world we live on is not spherical at all, but flat. Shaquille O’Neal is one of them, as are a good number of basketball players. We look into some facts and figure out if the world we live on is truly as we believe! You will never look at the horizon the same again. Flat Earth is something you will have to face soon because like it or not people seem to believe in it.

Topic 4 – 18C, The Racial Discrimination Act

The Twittersphere, and the land of Facebook were up in arms this week with proposed changes to a piece of legislation making it illegal to “offend or insult” people based on their race. Is our freedom of speech really at risk, or is it good to have a law against bigotry? Should the word “offend” be in there at all?

Topic 5 – Iron Fist Ain’t Great

This week Netflix dropped the latest addition to their TV universe, but we talk about whether it can hold a candle to DareDevil, Jessica Jones or Luke Cage? Danny Rand is the so-called Iron Fist, and he goes up against foes new and old, but should you watch it? 

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