Fidel Castro and Moving Australia Day – Trend Settings Ep 21

fidel castro

This week the podcast can legally drink in America, yewwww, also we discuss changing Australia Day, Bloody protests, Fidel Castro’s death, fake headlines game show, China’s missing girls and Sydney high schoolers stick it to the pharma bro.

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Topic 1: Change the Date

Should we celebrate the day that white settlers arrived in Australia? Doesn’t seem like it’s a great day for the Aboriginal of Australia who suffered as a result. Also did we all forget the date Australia became a country?

Topic 2: Canberra Protests

Protesters really took it up a notch in Canberra this week, forcing parliament to adjourn, abseiling from the roof and turning a pond blood red, all to raise awareness for refugees in offshore detention, and it worked! So good on em.

Topic 3: Fidel Castro dead at 90

Never in modern history has anyone polarised the world, and had people try to kill them as much as this man. Was he a champion of the people standing up to the evil American empire, or a despotic madman? It’s reeeeaaallly hard to answer that question. Like so hard. We give it a go.

Topic 4: Fake Headline Wheel of Fortune!

We try a new game where Ali finds fake news from the internet and one real story and we try to guess which one.

Topic 5: China’s missing Babies

China’s one child policy was long blamed for the 30 million person disparity between men and women. The preference for sons over daughters was thought to lead Chinese parents to abortion or infanticide. Turns out they probably just didn’t tell the government when they had a girl, so that’s good!

Topic 6: Sydney High schoolers breaking good

When the big pharma bro, Martin Shkreli, hiked the prices on Daraprim, a drug that HIV patients need to live, he basically became the biggest douche in the world. Well now some high school students have made the drug for $2 a pop, if only they could sell it in America.

Sorry for such a serious slew of topics but there wasn’t much silly stuff this week. Thanks for witnessing. See you next week.