FBI Fired, Alien Covenant and the Federal Budget – Trend Settings Ep 41

Welcome back to the best part of your week! And have we got a cracker for you. It’s a perfect blend of hard hitting topics that matter like Amazon Prime, John Wick Chapter Two and Alien Covenant. Then popcorn entertainment news like Australia’s federal budget and Donald Trump’s firing of his FBI chief.


Topic 1 – Alien Covenant No Spoilers Review

Ridley Scott’s second return to the franchise he started way back in 1979 was released this week, but it’s actually a prequel to Alien and simultaneously a sequel to Prometheus. Chris and Ali got to see it and share their thoughts on whether Michael Fassbender delivers the goods for the second time as a robot man, whether or not it manages to break the Alien formula, or rights the wrongs of the much maligned Prometheus

Topic 2 – FBI Director Fired

You may have heard of James Comey throughout the election campaign, giving updates on the investigation into Hillary’s emails, and Trump’s ties to Russia. But this week all the headlines were focused on his recent firing by the master of “you’re fired” himself. Does it make any sense? Is Trump becoming a dictator and firing anyone in his path? Or was the guy just bad at his job? We’ve got the answers. Probably.

Topic 3 – John Wick Chapter 2 Review

Keanu Reeve’s current flagship franchise has reached its second volume with John Wick Chapter 2. Of course, the rest of the world got a look at this three months ago, but down under we have a bit of a delay. Yechan gives an in-depth review and a glowing recommendation. If you’re into getting shot in the head and assassins and such. 

Topic 4 – Australia’s Federal Budget

Every year the government releases a budget, and every year we WILL report on it. From now on. Maybe. But firstly what is the budget, and does it really make a difference to you? This year there was a focus on helping first home buyers, uni becoming more expensive, and a raise to the Medicare levy.

Topic 5 – Is Amazon Video Prime Worth It?

Netflix, Stan, Foxtel, Spotify, Apple Music, WHEN WILL THE SUBSCRIPTIONS END!? Let’s take a dive into Amazon Prime this week, listen up and we’ll let you know what’s there, and whether you should bother. Ali gives some Prime exclusives like American Gods and The Man in the High Tower.

Thanks for tuning in. If you’re feeling lovely, make sure you tell your friends to have a listen and share the love around. We love you, and make sure you stay posted for our new trailer show!

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