Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Kanye – Trend Settings Ep 20

fantastic beasts

This week we turn 20! What a milestone! We talk fantastic beasts, Kanye in hospital, thunderstorm Asthma, Biebers got a mean left jab, Ellen’s medal of freedom, Keep Sydney Open, and Ukraines new young ministers.

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Topic 1 – Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

This movie is great, and it doesn’t have Harry Potter in it, you should see it, also there’s a Newt in it.

Topic 2 – Kanye Hospitalised

Kanye doesn’t seem to be doing too well lately, although Snoop had a great reaction video, let’s hope he gets better soon, and gets banned from insta.

Topic 3 – Thunderstorm Asthma Tragedy

At least 4 people have died, 3 are critical and thousands hospitalised by a thing that none of us knew was a thing, sadness and confusion reign.

Topic 4 – Justin “ragin bull” Bieber

The Biebs punched some guys square in the mouth, he probably earned it though. And he seemed alright after so whatevs.

Topic 5 – Ellen’s Medal of Freedom

Ellen Degeneres and a bunch of other famous people got Presidential Medals of Freedom for being awesome, and we run through the list like crazy ppl. One of them was a lady who helped program Apollo 11, which is incredible.

Topic 6 – Keep Sydney Open

Have the lockout laws worked? Well it’s a bit like banning cars so people won’t speed. Is it all a conspiracy to make property prices go up and chase young people out of the city? Why does the star get an exemption? Will Mike Baird backflip like he did on greyhounds?

Topic 7 – Ukraines PYT Ministers

Ukraine just made a 24 year old the deputy interior minister, and put a 23 year old in charge of stamping out corruption, can they possibly be qualified? Will it work?? Can we discuss this without mentioning how pretty they are, and thereby objectifying them???……….. No, but we gave it a red hot go.

That’s our show this week, hope you enjoy it however you listen. Leave us a comment, tell us what you think!