F8, Get Out and Turkey Referendum – Trend Settings Ep 38

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This week we just had too much to talk about, the Fate of the Furious movies crazy money making formula, Facebook wants to read your thoughts, Turkey’s Erdogan on the path to dictatorship. Ali saw an advance screening for Jordan Peele’s Get Out, and the 457 Visa is no more.


Topic 1 – The F8 of the Furious

Special guest Jesse gives us the run down on the new Fast and Furious movie, Ali and Yechan guess the whole plot from the trailer. We discuss how this movie outperforms so many others, when we all know what’s gonna happen. Is it the Rock? Vin Diesel? Charlize Theron and Jason Statham? Whatever it is, this moneymaking juggernaut ain’t stopping any time soon.

Topic 2 – Facebook reading our Brains

Mark Zuckerberg thinks we type too slow, so he wants to look directly at our brains and read our thoughts, and advertise to us of course. Would you be comfortable with Facebook reading your thoughts?

Topic 3 – Turkey’s Referendum

President Tayyip Erdogan won his referendum on constitutional change in Turkey. Is a presidential republic the first step to dictator Erdogan?

Topic 4 – ‘GET OUT’ Thoughts (NOSPOILERS)

Ali’s non spoiler preview of Get Out the movie, from director Jordan Peele of Key and Peele fame, is apparently brilliant and we should all watch it when it finally comes out.

Topic 5 – 457 VISA is gone

Malcolm Turnbull has gotten rid of 457 Visa’s and made citizenship harder to get. Is he just pandering to one nation supporters? Well yes, but the 457 program is not perfect, will his changes make skilled migration work better or worse?

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