E3, Manus Island and Real Fake Tan – Trend Settings Ep 46


Mario, Manus Island, melanin, and missions to North Korea. This week was E3, so we had all sorts of video game news, whilst the government paid out millions to Manus Island detainees. Want a great tan? They’re making a drug for that, and is Trump putting secret schemes into action in North Korea?


Topic 1 – Ali’s Top Ten E3 Stuff

This years Electronic Entertainment expo was a doozy, and Ali is going to take us through his top ten (and bottom 5) of show. From all the latest Switch games, Mario Odyssey, Kirby, Yoshi and Pokemon, to some of the hottest upcoming new titles like God of War, Days Gone, and Destiny 2.

Topic 2 – Manus Island Settlement

For the last 3 years there’s been a legal battle raging between a group of detainees from Manus Island, and the Australian Government as well as the forces in charge of detainment on Manus Island. This week the government settled for $70 million plus legal fees, the biggest human rights payout in Australia’s legal history. What does Peter Dutton think of all this, and what do you?

Topic 3 – Tanning Drug That Can Prevent Skin Cancer

Researchers have been developing a new skin cream that can be applied to produce melanin in the skin, causing the skin to darken, aka, instant LEGIT tanning cream. They’re developing it to prevent melanoma in people who are prone to skin cancer, but will people use it for that, or just get more tanned than ever before?

Topic 4 – Dennis Rodman Goes Back To North Korea

Ex pro basket baller Dennis Rodman has headed back to North Korea this week, but what on earth is he doing there? It happens to coincide with the release of OTTO Wamblier, one of four Americans who are being detained in the isolated nation. Rodman is a known mate of Kim Jong Un, as well as Donald Trump, having been on his TV show twice, but is all this happening by coincidence, or is there more going on behind the scenes….?

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