Destiny 2, WAxit, Myanmar and Assaulting Chewy – Trend Settings Ep 58

destiny 2

Wiggity wiggity welcome on back! This week we have one legendary guest and four legendary topics. Mr. Dip joins us to talk about Destiny 2, WAxit, What’s going on in Myanmar, and on Flying Spaghetti Monster. 


Topic 1 – Destiny 2 Play Review

Three years ago, Bungie released the original Destiny, and this week we gather to talk about its successor. Ali is addicted, but is that just because he needs his fix, or is it just a top notch game?

Topic 2 – WAxit

Australia, the greatest country on earth…right? Then why does Western Australia want out!? They claim that they’re being hard done by when it comes to GST, and have been voting on seceding into an independent financial state.

Topic 3 – Myanmar and Rohingya

The head of the government in Myanmar; Aung San Suu Kyi claims that all is well in the country, but there are serious reports that claim otherwise. The UN has declared the Rohingya people who are trying to flee the country the most persecuted in the world, so why is this humanitarian catastrophe being called ‘fake news’ by the government?

Topic 4 – Flying Spaghetti Monster

NSW man Keith was found himself in court this week charged with belting a CEO with a snowboard when he banned him from Thredbo. He wore a colander into court for religious purposes. He is a self professed pastafarian, follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Thanks for tuning in dear listeners, let us know what you think we should be discussing and getting into. Was this Dip bloke even any good? LET US KNOW! Make sure you subscribe on YouTube for more awesome stuff!

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