D23, Female Dr Who and Game Of Thrones Is Back – Trend Settings Ep 51


Yo yo yo yo yo. So this is episode 51! The big Five One. So welcome to that. Bit of an entertaining week this week, so we have the latest entertainment news! Game of thrones is back, as is the good Doctor (of Doctor Who), but not as we knew it. Also this week we’ll talk Disney’s huge D23 conference and Greens senator troubles. 


Topic 1 – D23

Once every two years Disney hosts a magical conference to debut IP, plans and to reveal the future as we know it. From Aladdin casting controversy to the new lion king, Star Wars the last Jedi, and Avengers Infinity war, is there anything that Disney doesn’t own at this point? Let’s talk everything that’s coming up! 

Topic 2 – Larissa Waters Dual Citizenship

In Australia you can’t be a senator unless you are a pure old Australian citizen, none of this duel wielding nonsense. Two Greens senators have recently been tripped up by this rule, and have since resigned! Is it a dumb rule, I mean what does it mean to be a citizen in this day and age? We’ll also talk Rainbow-Scarf-Man, who is squeezing the life from his 5 minutes of fame. 

Topic 3 – Female Dr Who!

Doctor Who fans have long been awaiting the announcement of the next doctor, and this week it was revealed to be British Actress Jodie Whittaker. But does someone with a uterus deserve the keys to the TARDIS!? The internet is having its say, and we have ours too. 

Topic 4 – GOT Is Back!

The battle of who do you find less irritating. And how great is a pinstripe suit that’s covered in F U’s.

Thanks for hanging out with us this week, and we hope you’re ready for next weeks episode!  Much love. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube for more awesome stuff!

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