Cyclones and Making Love To Aliens – Trend Settings Ep 35


Believe it or not, Trend Settings 35 is upon us! What happened this week!? There were a whole lot of big new trailers, we managed to see Ghost in The Shell and LIFE in the cinemas, Ali’s been playing Mass Effect Andromeda, and all the while cyclone Debbie has been ravaging Queensland. But don’t worry Ev is here to educated us about cyclones.


Topic 1 – Massive Trailer Week

2017 is already going to be a massive year for movies, but this week delivered a truck-load of new trailers. Marvel fans got their best look yet at the latest Spiderman incarnation, with the second Spiderman: Homecoming trailer hitting the web, we even got a good look at Michael Keaton as The Vulture. Don’t worry DC fans, Batman got the gang together for a proper Justice League trailer. If you’re afraid of clowns, you might want to steer clear of IT, the latest Stephen King adaptation, and we also got a good geez at Luc Besson’s latest, Valerian and the city of a thousand planets. 

Topic 2 – Ghost In The Shell Thoughts(No Spoilers)

Ali and Chris hit the movies to check out Scarlett Johansson in the remake of 1995’s Ghost in the Shell. We agreed on some things, but seriously disagreed on others, but the real question is, would you want robot enhancements yourself?

Topic 3 – Mass Effects Andromeda

AKA having sex with aliens. Ali goes in deep talking about Bioware’s fourth Mass Effect game, along with its great exploration, decision making and colonisation come some serious bugs and glitches. But mostly having sex with aliens. 

Topic 4 – Cyclone Debbie

While we’ve been chilling out safe and sound, Queenslanders have been contending with a category 4 cyclone (that’s bad). There have been some great stories to come out, and some less great things, but how on earth do cyclones get their names? Turns out Queensland has had a lot of cyclones

Topic 5 – Life(movie)

Life, oh life. let’s talk about life, AKA Alien vs. Gravity. Chris saw it, and gives his recommendation. Is it even as good as watching Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds banter on the press circuit? who knows…

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