Covfefe and Margaret Court – Trend Settings Ep 44

Welcome back to covfefe 44! The big double digits! What a ripping week. Maccas got on board with the chicken Big Mac, perfect for a snack while you’re watching State of Origin 2017. Along with this, we’re going in deep on the Margaret Court Court, Trump’s latest Twitter cock-up, and not so deep on Pirates of the Carribean 5. 


Topic 1 – McDonalds Chicken Big Mac!

A Trend Settings first! Chris is going to live-review Ronald McDonald’s latest creation where they’ve replaced the beef in a Big Mac with McChicken paddies. It’s fresh off the grill and straight in your face, hear what we’ve got to say about McDonald’s latest limited edition. 

Topic 2 – State Of Origin Game 1

UP THE MIGHTY BLUES!! NSW is back baby. We talk how they managed to dominate that Queensland side after so long on the back foot. Is it because of no Johnathan Thurston? Greg Inglis? Billy Slater? Or were Jarryd Hayne and Laurie Daley’s Blues finally hitting their stride? Also, tune in to hear about the problems between the NRL, Player’s Association, and the Clubs. Could there be a boycott of the World Cup!?

Topic 3 – Margaret Courts Court

Calls went out this week for an arena named after Aussie tennis legend Margaret Court to be changed after controversial comments about same-sex marriage. Fellow tennis player Martina Navratilova believes that her opinions warrant the removal of her name from the stadium, but did we name it for her tennis achievements or who she is as a person? 

Topic 4 – COVFEFE

President Trump’s Twitter has always been legendary, but he took it to another level this week when he tweeted an apparently unfinished thought ending with the gibberish word “covfefe” After 120,000 retweets it was taken down, but not before the internet took over. But what exactly is “covfefe” conspiracy hats on, here we go.

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